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Couples and Family Therapy

Ramat-Gan, Israel.

Hello, my name is Idit. The text below will give you some information regarding my professional background, for you to read and help you decide on therapy. Feel free to call for further dialogue or information. Good luck, Idit:

Address: 43 Hamarganit st.

                Ramat-Gan, 5258452.

Tl.: +972-523364944


Professional Orientation:

LMFT, Licensed Marriage and Family therapist, certified AEDP Therapist & supervisor (Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy), with an attachment-based orientation, and a professional certification in trauma studies.  The therapy is intended for individuals, couples and families of all kinds. In addition, I have certification and experience in educational counseling and parental guidance. My professional development includes studies in Tel Aviv University, Bar Ilan University and studies in New York and Boston.

Professional Studies:

Certified in treatment of stress and trauma (The Trauma Center, Boston).

Certified AEDP therapist (New York).

AEDP for Couples – international conferences (New Jersey, New York, Boston, Vancouver).

EFA – Emotional First Aid (The Trauma Center (Boston).

Couples Therapy from a Psychoanalytic Approach (Tel aviv).

Couples and Family Therapy – certification (Tel Aviv University and Aluma Therapy Center).

MA in Educational Counseling, Magna Cum Laude (Tel Aviv University).

BA in Psychology, Magna Cum Laude (Bar Ilan University).

Professional Experience:

Couples and family therapy in Aluma Therapy center and in private practice (since 2006).

Educational counseling (2002-2009).

Lecturer on family therapy, in Tel Aviv University (Family Orientation for school counselors).

Lecturer on AEDP for Couples, in various cities in Israel (through the ministry of welfare, for family therapists).

Lectures and workshops on parental skills.

Director of the forum for couples and family therapy, in the Israeli medical website "Infomed".


The private clinic is available for every person who chooses to enter the therapy process. Therapy is offered in Hebrew or English.

Every subject that comes up, would be important for therapy. Every theme, that relates to relationships, emotions, feelings, physical sensations, challenges etc.  For instance: family crisis; family dynamics; couples relationship; relations with the family origins; parenting challenges; divorce or separation; parent mediation; feeling stuck; loss.

Before we depart:

I am a family person, having three children, living in Ramat-Gan, Israel. I tend to use different creative therapy techniques that would feel right for the person sitting with me.

I am curious about people, they are my inspiration for my work. This journey is possible, when it is walked together, rather than alone. I am prepared for walking with you.

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